Today we must talk about the ‘black cunt’ issue. It was on the front pages of the news a few weeks ago; John Terry was declared innocent and we could all go about calling people ‘cunt’ without them having any recourse in law. Yes, ‘black’ was the slur; a pejorative term indicating a negative value on an otherwise neutral word.

What is it saying? You are not only a cunt but you are a black cunt. You are black which is bad, and a cunt – which is the lowest of the low, a filthy specimen of humanity, a plight on this world, despicable and despised; a cunt. You are both combined and amplified. The connection of the negative slur on black  appears pretty mild when compared to being a cunt. When I say “cunt” there are no redeeming features, I say “black” and I think of Motown, the blues, Michael Jackson [when he was black], Chris Rock, Different Strokes and Sesame Street. “Please give me black over cunt”

To live in a world from cradle to grave as a black person is to experience discrimination at some point in your life, but you can live with it, people live with you, you have friends, people who love you, a job, you can become the President of the United States or the other most powerful person in the world Oprah Winfrey; it’s not all that bad. Imagine being a cunt from cradle to grave. “Please give me black over cunt”

The reason is of course that ‘cunt’ has another meaning; a woman’s vagina – there I’ve said it, vagina. A woman’s vagina. If I call you a woman’s vagina it’s not all that bad. It also has redeeming features. They come in all shapes and sizes: big ones, small ones, hairy ones and bald, some have Hitler moustaches [weird], trimmed, wild, quaffed, dyed, they each have a unique smell and some taste of peaches [Bath 1996]. They come fair haired, brown, black and ginger. The hair itself: tight curls, loose curls, scruffy, sparse and sometimes straight [“Hello the Asians”]. Something for everyone so to say. Yes, I like a good cunt. We appear to have stumbled into an oxymoron or at least it teeters on the edge. “A good cunt” – it feels awkward. Why? We can’t seem to rid ourselves of its shadowy Hyde. “You know Bob? He’s a real good cunt”, “Pleasure doing business with you, you’re a real good cunt”, “I love you, you’re a real good cunt”. It will never happen. I dare you to try!

We hate the word ‘cunt’ because it has ruined, destroyed, obliterated the most beautiful thing in the world; a woman’s vagina. Let us pause. Can you re-read the preceding sentence once more but replace the words ‘woman’s vagina’ with ‘cunt’. Compare how you felt the first time you read it with how you feel now. Yes, it is a very powerful word. Softly “Please give me black over cunt”.

From a legal perspective ‘black’ is what you hang your hat on. The colour of a person’s skin is apparent. Nobody is going to court for calling someone a cunt. We have all been cunts or cuntish in our lives. The first stone would not be thrown. Perhaps this is why ‘cunt’ is not seen as as offensive as ‘black’. We believe in redemption, justice, epiphany and grace. “He used to be a right cunt but since he met Emily he’s a completely different person”. Change is possible. To be ‘a cunt’ is not to hate, it is to disregard; to have a complete disregard for someone’s life, well-being and happiness. When we call someone a cunt we mean to admonish and hopefully redeem. Perhaps ‘cunt’ isn’t such a bad word after all.

If I am oblivious to the fact that I am veering off the straight and narrow of expected behaviour you will be there to call me a cunt and hopefully, if I am not a complete cunt, I will modify my behaviour accordingly and try not to do it again. I do not want to be a cunt and I will do my best not to be.

To call someone ‘black’ pejoratively is to reveal your ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity. John Terry was on trial for being a cunt.

Swear words are often substitutions for complex and moral thought.